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Five Elements of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement


Many executives think that Employee Engagement is a scorecard to look at once or twice a year.  Leaders who have worked in an environment where employee engagement defines the corporate culture realize it is so much more.


Employee Engagement may define the degree to which an employee will dedicate their discretionary effort, energy and creativity generally speaking, but the underlying 5 Elements of what constitutes a corporate culture founded on Employee Engagement creates a dynamic, collaborative and entrepreneurial organization where on average over 80% of team members are highly engaged or engaged.




When we talk about Trust in the context of corporate culture, many leaders and team members respond with the cynical, “I trust that my boss doesn’t care.” When we discuss trust in the conversation of employee engagement and a positive corporate culture, we are talking about trusting that coworkers are going to do what they said they were going to do.  Managers are going to allocate resources based on the best interests of the company, not on whim, favoritism or random chance.


Two Way Feedback


Two way feedback, in a corporate culture that has high employee engagement means that there is honesty and transparency in how managers both talk to their direct reports, but more importantly, how they LISTEN.  Feedback in a corporate culture that is effective allows for channels up and down the enterprise to be open.


Workers want to know, clearly, what the expectations are of their performance.  Managers need to be open to hearing what they are doing that interferes with the accomplishment of team’s performance standards.  Executives, too.


Career Development & Training


Surveys have shown that many employees view good training as favorably as vacation time.  Nothing is more concrete and tangible an investment in the individual’s future than training.


Broadly, in a corporate culture that breeds high employee engagement, regular conversations with staff about expectations for performance and pathways for future professional development is a key measure of an effective culture.


Understanding their Role with Client and Corporate Success


Employees with high engagement understand how their performance impacts the customers’ experience of the product or service.  Low employee engagement is often found in teams where the staff have no clue nor care for how their performance affects customers.


Whenever positive or negative feedback is delivered, highly attuned managers seize the moment to improve employee engagement by connecting the dots on the negative to how it decreases value to the client.  Conversely, good leaders connect with dots with praise relative to high levels of performance or goal accomplishment with how that adds value to the customer experience and increases the value capture of the organization.


To be Heard and Valued in Decision Making


Lastly, and most importantly when ReMission Consulting supports clients, companies institutionalize and inculcate within the process listening to and honoring the  Voice of the Team member as influencer with organizational goals, department level goals and individual team member goals.


Staff want to know that their voice matters.  Many times, it is within Town Hall meetings at department levels client organizations capture the best, most easily adopted ideas.  Often, team members who contribute these ideas comment, “I’ve brought this idea up a thousand times before, and it’s never gone anywhere!”


Formalizing a process within your corporate culture where good ideas come to thrive will drive cost reductions, process improvements and increase employee engagement as a side benefit.


Teams who take on the challenges of addressing these 5 Concepts have seen marked, concrete and significant gains.  Some have decreased employee losses, others have had triple digit gains in revenue growth, while still other clients have used these concepts to take capacity utilization rates from low 60%’s to mid 80%’s.


The process is the key, and with ReMission Consulting, Inc. your team can take the challenge of employee engagement head on by proactively and positively managing your corporate culture.


Call us at 603.767.2426 or email for more information or to discuss our process and your opportunities.  Visit us at

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Be a Better Manager

Learn 5 Easy and Effective Management Tools in one day of engaging and effective training.  2/29/12 Nashua, NH Crowne Plaza.  Leadership Essentials by ReMission Consulting

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According to recent research, up to 70% of a manager’s job is communicating.

And most managers DO NOT communicate effectively.

Give your managers the tools and skills they need to become more effective:

  • Motivators
  • Enrollers
  • Coaches
  • Leaders

Leadership Essentials by ReMission Consulting

February 29, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza, Nashua, NH

Call Dan at 603.767.2426

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Leadership Essentials

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Management and Leadership in Action

Management & Leadership in Action

In our previous article on Finding your North Star, we discussed taking the challenges and concerns from a senior and mid-level management discovery session and beginning to craft a goal that can rally the entire organization and increase the effectiveness of your corporate culture, a goal that each and every department can see as one to which they can contribute and be held accountable.

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ROI on Corporate Cultural Management

ROI from Managing and Stewarding Corporate Culture

Developing and strengthening business leadership and cultural strength and adaptability empirically increases net growth and over-all value of a company, by as much as 900%, according to studies conducted by and its affiliates.

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Discovery Session – Finding your North Star

The Discovery Session – Finding Your North Star

During the slavery era in the American South, the North Star held very special meaning to those held in bondage. Follow that guiding light, and eventually you may find freedom. At ReMission Consulting, we believe that the North Star Goal process is a journey every organization can follow to liberate themselves from the chains of dysfunction and the shackles of limiting individual beliefs.

The first steps in charting this journey include understanding what is at stake, what is possible and what the challenges are that hold the company back. Without a footing in what is possible most typical organizations will not be willing to look deeply at the root causes of what is holding them back.

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Road Map to what is Possible

Your company, like virtually every other company we have worked with before, is struggling.

You have had some amazing successes. In truth, you have made it through some of the most challenging economic times in modern American history. There is much for which to be grateful.

And yet, deep down, you know that your team is capable of so much more. More and better are possible.

Know this: You and your team are not alone. In our experience, your team is in very good company. This is not an issue found in your company alone, this is an American issue.


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Corporate Cancer

Corporate Cancer (business management term) is a class of interpersonal dysfunction and functional group friction which reduces the overall effectiveness of individuals, teams, groups /departments and entire organizations.  This dysfunction is rooted in individuals’ consistent, patterned behaviors, many of which are rooted in a persons’ subconscious as described by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and how that individual ineffectiveness cascades into other individuals, causing a magnification of dysfunction adn interpersonal friction.  Corporate Cancer is manifest in each individual as a deep-rooted commitment to comfort, whereas the cure at both an individual level and in larger groups is a commitment to core principles such as personal responsibility, win-win viewpoints, integrity and open & responsible communication.

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